Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, Rya was accompanying me on the counter in her bouncy seat while I was demonstrating the multi-step process on how to clean/sterilize her bottles (in great hopes that one day soon she would actually DO it for me) when I turn around and see her performing THIS little act (see photo). Cute as a baby - NOT so cute when she is 18 and on spring break in Cancun. God help us.


Jill said...

Oh my gosh!...She has bigger and more beautiful then ever. Please give my adorable niece a kiss for me. I miss her so much!

Auntie Jill

Sandi, Pete & Charlee said...

It is cute now...just wait until a mean sibling (like my sister Sarah) tries to teach her to say "GIRLS GONE WILD" while lifting her shirt/ girls don't seem to grow out of lifting their clothing as quickly as one might hope, and my Charlee, almost 3 years is still lifting and repeats "GIRLS GONE WILD" when prompted! Maybe I should've been nicer to Sarah when she was younger...Sandi

Anonymous said...

This is one beautiful baby!
Aunt Carla

Nicole A. said...

I love her outfit :) She is just the cutest little girl. We love you Rya West. Aunt Nic and Uncle E

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