Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I know it sounds crazy but my kid is a genius!!!! At three months old she is already doing impressions. There are only a few but they are diverse in range. There is the 'seal' (done when crying and sucking on her pasi), the 'construction worker' (a series of non-poop related grunts and harrumphs executed with a furrowed brow and a determined look on her face), the trucker (a string of earth shattering farts and grand burps that would rival that of a grown man) and my favorite - the 'wookie'. Its a Chewbacca like bray that she uses as a greeting to me and, when returned by my butchered attempts at mimicking her, Rya's main form of communication with us. And here my worst fear was that my kid would not be FUNNY (seriously, I laid awake at nights worrying that she would be a dead serious kid and think everything her father and I did was 'stupid'). We caught her in action on this video.

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