Saturday, January 31, 2009


In each of our daily lives we reach many crossroads where we have to make decisions that will affect us long into the future .... important decisions like; should I buy or lease this car, should I quit my gym membership to save money, should I leave this job for another opportunity or the big one -which blanket (a.k.a. "comfort item") should I strategically and systematically FORCE my child to love forever? Its this last one that has my mind tied up lately.

When I was young I had a 'Blankie'. Ive been told that my great grandmother made it for me. I am sure at one time it was white, had a pretty pattern on the fabric, and a lovely trim on the edges. By the time I was finished with it (forcibly by my mother at some ridiculously old age..thank you mom, I'd probably have that thing to this day if not for your determination and sheer will) it was grey with unraveled trim and frayed edges where the seam came undone. I loved that thing straight into its demise.

I arrived at this dilemma recently when I noticed that Rya had begun to clasp onto any blanket or burp cloth that was placed in her lap and bring it to her face. That sent me into an internal dialog of the pros and cons of all blankets in our current 'stock'. Questions arose like; "Is this replaceable in the event that the most horrid of things happens, we loose or misplace it?" or, "Will this knit unravel one day and I walk into a room with a screaming child and a pile of yarn?" or, "Will it be so long that it will collect filth and dirt when I give-in and let her take it to the grocery with us after an hour long tantrum episode?" or, most importantly, "Will it represent just how cool we really are?" If you can believe it, both my mother and my lovely husband actually entertained a conversation with me on this topic.

After much deliberation, I have chosen a hip little mass-produced 14" square 'Woobie' (a word I have loved for this beloved childhood icon since the stapling scene in the movie Mr. Mom) with a pink satin back and trim surrounding a swatch of that ridiculously fuzzy material that they make everything baby in now. Its from Swaddle Designs ( My plan is to buy several and store them in a safe place in the chance that the inevitable destruction or loss occurs. I have begun the subtle integration of said Woobie by placing it on Rya's lap or around her as much as I can - hoping beyond hope that she will think its as fabulous and practical as I do. Now I do realize, however, that she will probably abandon MY thoughtful choice and gravitate towards some hideous motif like Holly-Hobby meets Barney or something HUGE like the down comforter on our bed or, even worse, something like one of Mike's old lawn mowing shoes. I guess we shall wait and see.


Mary Ann said...
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Mary Ann said...

Well I can see that like most things you have analyzed this subject to its logical and absurd conclusion. There is not much I can add but one piece of advice and a wish.
The Advice: don't squirrel away the extra woobies. Rotate them into use so they each get identical wear and laundering.
The Wish: Good luck choosing for her. I'm pretty sure she will choose the lawn mowing shoe.
Love and hugs and a package on its way!

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann gives excellent advice.
I can only add, hide those lawn mowing shoes.
Aunt Carla

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