Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Apparently Rya is a giant among babies. If I had a nickel for every stranger that stopped us to remark on the size of my infant I would be off unemployment, sporting Manolo's and driving a Mercedes. No joke - waiters, check out girls, grandmas, gas station attendants (OK, I made that last one up but wouldn't it be retro-cool if they still HAD gas stations attendants?) - all say something to the effect of, "She must be a good eater!" or straight up, "She is so big!" Its not like I am surprised. I, mean, she is in the 90th percentile in both height and weight for her age but I guess I don't view her that way. I just don't think I have or WOULD ever say any thing like that - off the cuff ... to a stranger ... about their offspring.

I knew there must be some unabashed truth to the matter when I ran into a friend of mine (of whom shall remain nameless because I am sure that, as s
he reads this, is cowering under her desk in the sheer mortification of even a slight reference to her or this incident) at a birthday party and the first thing that came out of her adorable 4 year old daughters mouth when introduced to Rya was, "She is HUGE!!" The humor of the comment being amplified by the many conversations we have had on how crazy it is that everyone remarks on Rya's size and the fact that about fifteen people were within earshot and a perfect audience to the unfiltered (and correct) musings of a young mind. I laughed so hard and instantly said to mom, "Oh - THAT is going in the blog for SURE!!"

OK, so my baby is HUGE. I'm cool with it. All those dimply rol
ls and mountains of cheeks just make her one big squishy ball of adorable heavenly smelling lusciousness - and what could be better than that?


Dana & Keith Newbrough said...

Rya is beautiful and perfect - rolls and all. Chunky babies are prettier, anyway. Who wants a scraggily baby - we like baby with backs. Heck, Samantha has multiple butt cheeks and the "Baby got Back" song is her mantra. :)

Auntie Jill said...

Oh Heather..Nicholas was in the 100% for the 1st 2 years of his life. He was bigger than all the babies. She is healthy and happy and thats all that matters. She is adorable, beautiful RYA. How lucky are we to have her in our lifes.

Nicole A. said...

I didn't believe these stories you used to tell me until we so joyfully were bobbin down my neighborhood strolling Rya away in the jogger and out of the blue my very brand new neighbors commented...she is so big!! My favorite response, to this day, was when you shot back and said so bubbly, "yup, we feed her twinkies and ding dongs!" HA. I love you for that. Rya is gorgeous. And just for the record......she is healthy and happy.....and that my sis, is all that matters. Well said in the blog. Love the update. XO

Anonymous said...

Myles was in the top 10% as well, and her head size was off the charts! It was comical! She's three now, and looks like she's gonna be the second coming of Gabby Reese. Her cheeks are adorable, keep horking down those Twinkies and Ding Dongs Rya!!!

Cindi Byron-Dixon said...

I sure do miss your blogs, Heather! I hope you are all well and not buried too deeply in this white stuff! ~Cindi

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