Saturday, April 4, 2009


Let me set the scene. I was walking into the library the other day - it was chilly - the girl was in jeans, long sleeve top, and shoes while being holstered to me in a baby carrier with my arms around her ... when this seemingly nice lady approaches me just outside the door, all smiles, and this exchange happens;

Nibby lady: "She should be wearing a hat."
Deadpan me: "She hates hats."
Nibby lady: "Well she is going to get sick, its cold outside."
Pissed me: "Its physically impossible to get sick from cold weather alone, thanks though."


What is up with people just throwing out their opinion all willy nilly. If your opinion was, "I really love that sassy outfit you have on her." or "How neat that you take your five month old to the library for new books to read her in an effort to keep the day fresh." Then by ALL MEANS, speak up. But no mom feels breezy and chatty after a sneak attack from the left flank with comments that have an undertone of you are doing it wrong. Cmon people.

Now, I don't mean you guys. I know none of my readers would dare say to a mom - "Are you serious?! What are you feeding her? She must eat a ton." - after the initial question of her current age was answered. Especially after originally referring to your embroidered-peasant top and jean wearing baby GIRL as 'him'. Yea, this little gem of a conversation took place in the craft store check out line the other day. I pride myself with quick witty responses but even I, did not know what to say for this one.



JenCase said...

Isn't is amazing how free people feel to make inappropriate comments. My all time favorite given to me on more than one occasion after looking at Ian and then at me is "Where did you get him".

Heather G. said...

I always wondered that since he is a Jerry mini-me. Whats your response? Does Jerry get that with Jordan? (since she is a mini-you)

Cindi Byron-Dixon said...

Hi Heather. This is Michael's cousin, Cindi. I really enjoy reading your blog! My resonse to the "Isn't 'he' cute" comments with my girls was "o thank you...he's a girl..."

Heather G. said...

That is clever Cindi and I will be using it in the future - thank you! I am so glad you like the blog! Feel free to send it on to any of your mom friends that you think would enjoy it too!

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