Monday, January 19, 2009


I would be remiss if I did not discuss the one thing that, in the hardest of times, has kept me from shipping Rya's tiny booty off to be raised by a pack of wild dingo's...... her fantastic smile (well, that and her delicious baby scent). I don't care what the books, doctors or know-it-all's say my kid smiled at me the second week she was home. NO it was NOT gas - I had actually broken from my normal demeanour (read: stressed out maniac) to make funny faces at her and she actually smiled at me. It is amazing what crazy things grown adults will do to make a child smile - that humiliation reaps some amazing rewards. I cannot wait to see what antics we will perform to make her laugh. These are a few pics of some of her best smiles.


Anonymous said...

These are definitely priceless moments. I can so relate to the "things we do" comments. And how a male's voice can climb 3 octaves along with those funny actions :-) And you are right - Rya has a BEAUTIFUL smile.


Sue Byron said...

I love all the "firsts " of a baby! Cindi and her nurse at the time, swear Joella smiled at her when she was one day old. Who am I to judge? maybe she did......

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