Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I had a dream..........of getting some sleep sometime before 2010, and it came true on Martin Luther King day - our kid slept through the night!! I know that it could be a fluke and that she will have many-a-night of scary monsters, glasses of water and just plain orneriness in the future but I am going to relish in this moment while I can. We are both hoping that she gets mom's knack for mulit-hour naps and general all around LOVE of sleep (its actually something I list as one of my hobbies when prompted). Truthfully, I don't know how she does it with all the drama that goes on in her sleep - she flails and squeaks her way through the whole thing but manages to wake up happy and rested most times. Thought I would include a few pics of the girl in action.


Mary Ann said...

That is the BEST news!!! Hope it is the beginning of a trend.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great! What a cutie she is!
Aunt Carla

sue said...

Love these pics of your new little Blessing! You will sleep unless she is sick, and of course you won't when she is a teenager.....
Aunt Sue

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