Sunday, May 10, 2009


To my baby girl,

34 mother's days have passed in my lifetime and although I enjoyed spending them celebrating my own mother - I never really felt the day like I did today. Being your mother is the greatest joy Ive ever had. Your smile makes my entire world seem ok even when grownup things are weighing on my mind. I crave sharing your experiences and relish seeing you explore the world. I pray every day that I can do your little soul justice and teach you all the things you need to know in order to be a kind, compassionate, creative, curious and strong woman in the future. Would you believe me if I said that I miss you when you sleep? I just simply cannot believe you are mine - my little being to enjoy.

I love you stinky face - so very much.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy.



Kristen said...

Could you be my mommy too? :-) Happy 1st Mother's Day to you!

Heather G. said...

Yes, I would love too. Thank you.

Mr. Mike said...

Rya did not choose you, God chose you. So, be as loving and praise filled for Him as He was for you.

Aunt Carla said...

I can see it in her eyes, she's just as happy with you as you are with her.

Sue Byron said...

OK I think I am gonn go cry now............

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