Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I often wax philosophical about the funny side of being me...as a mom. I figure its what people want to read most - it would be what I want to read of others lives on a weekly basis. But this post touches on something that I think every day - Rya and I have hit the husband and father jackpot in Mike. Although there is some hilarity that encircles this relationship, I have certain moments that make me pause and take in our fortune. Among other things: He is a sensitive man but will tell my ass to shut-it when I am actin-a-fool (a much needed combo with my personality type). He is thoughtful and puts us before him on most every instance (something that I love while at the same time wishing he would be selfish for once so I dont feel like such a jerk when I go down that road). And he is funny.....reaaaallly funny. Lately, the best thing about him is watching him be a dad to Rya. He truly relishes every moment with her - not forgoing the icky stuff like diaper changes, morning cereal feedings or late night crying outbursts. He is as excited as I am with all the milestones she reaches and will initiate long conversations about what she will be like when she grows up and how much fun we will all have. In short, he's the perfect dad - the perfect husband and we are both VERY lucky girls.


Mary Ann said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. It takes my breath away when i realize how lucky I am and wonder how I ever got to be my Mike's wife. Glad you are remembering this right now. Having a newborn can be tough and trying.

Nicole A. said...

LOVE this post. I think this one might be my fave. Love you and Michael..you make a lovely couple. You also both make me laugh my bootie off. Kisses to Rya.

Space said...

If we are starting a fan club, I'd like to join too!

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