Monday, January 19, 2009


The Holidays were really nice. We were thankful that our families worked to help accommodate us so we could stay close to home and not drag our newborn all over the place. We spent allot of time describing to Rya all the things we were going to do in future snowy holiday snowmen, throw snowballs, make snow ice cream, make snow angels and build snow forts (global warming could really throw a wrench in the scheme so lets all vow to be kind to the least for a few more years until we get to do all these things). Mike and I discovered later that we both had talked to her separately about this but MY snowy adventure included hot coco afterwards so he defaulted his day and promptly told Rya that we would be going with my plans in the future (the man has a thing for coco). She got some great gifts from the grandparent brigade including Santa's future cookie plate and milk glass, her first purse (complete with princess mirror inside), and of course MORE sassy duds and super fluffy stuffed animals (two things I am convinced come in BULK when you have a baby girl). All and all it was pretty fantastic and I cannot wait to have many more with the family.

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Sandi & Pete said...

I have to agree on the BULK stuffed animals and clothes, being the mother of a cute baby (well almost 3 yrs!) girl...but the princess stuff in BULK comes a little later (that is the stage we are in and it is so adorable)...
Love, Sandi

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